My Experience with DevCareer/

Programming has never been something I see myself doing, the reason being that the first time I found myself learning Java I said to myself “You are not good enough”. But the saying goes what you keep running away from, knows how to find it’s way back to you. I came in contact with programming again sometimes later after school. I wanted to add a skill to my certification so I started learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. So I sought out to challenge myself by taking the 100DaysOfCode which on completion I wanted more challenge, so I came in contact with Devcareer who had a structure to expose newbies in tech to real-life experience and assist them within 3 months.

Within this period of 3 months, I have come to learn some key attributes of a which would assist a developer in the tech industry, attribute such as collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving.

Within 3 months, Devcareer ensured we were constantly working on different tasks. Initially, the task was assigned individually but as time went on the need to be grouped into teams was initiated this helped us to compete, assist others and strive to work as a team to achieve the same goal. Devcareer also has helped me to be able to bring life into design mockups using HTML, CSS, and Javascript and this has boosted my self-confidence in handling any task assigned.

Working with people who share the same goals and career dreams with you can be a motivation to do more and become good at what you do, that has always been my target as a frontend developer to be better than yesterday and today, and to be open to learning from everyone.

I want to say a big thank you to Sultan, Chidi Bartholomew Okoye, Samson Goddy, and Hoop Somuah for the time and all the interactive sections.

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